Our know-how

Each project is assigned a team of specialists who collaborate together in a broad approach. Architects, interior architects, decorators, perspectivists, 3D designers and coordinators ensure that the customer’s requests, its budgets and the pre-established timetables are respected.

After a careful study of the construction site, 3D visualisation, technical plans and a detailed quote ensure the smooth functioning until the achievement of the turnkey project. The pool of technical skills enrich the understanding of each unique work in their globality and specificity.

Complementary profiles and multi-faceted expertise

Our subsidiaries

In 1988, Inter Art Coordination turned to the head offices design sector. By coordinating the works, it realizes turnkey projects from the study to the site : diagnostic, pre-project, consultation procedure with industry and assistance to the field operations.

In the light of the experience acquired from the achievements, Inter Art Coordination guarantees the fulfillment of the commitments and the progress by use of innovations and new technologies.

Un Tapis à Paris marks the history of French Craft industries

In 2013, the brand Un Tapis à Paris brought its inventivity into our homes. It designs bespoke rugs in Inter Art Etudes projects, but above all offers to individuals prestigious pieces conceptualized and manufactured in France and Portugal.

Un Tapis à Paris marks the history of French Craft industries, taking traditional techniques of tapestry as a source of inspiration. These decorative objects are edited in limited sets of 8 copies and are conceived as a piece of art. Just like Inter Art Etudes and Inter Art Coordination, Un Tapis à Paris meets ethical, ergonomical and quality demands.